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Foto oplage 10 + 2 AP

Available in following sizes

100 x 100 cm

120 x 120 cm

150 x 150 cm


Xenophobia arose during a period when things were not going well for me.

In order to resist these dark feelings, in order to process, I have converted it to visualization. At this time there was a dramatic Exodus of refugees to Europe. All the hate, all the darkness, all the fighting I have put them into this work with the aim of giving the refugees a voice of all their despair, the face of death, they had to deal with, every hour.

In the middle of this chaos, in this massive entanglement, there seems to be no solution, hopelessness. No prospects.

But, by placing the viewer outside of the framework of the fresco, another different perspective exist. A perspective which enables us to find tools, right in the middle of this hopelessness.

We find tools to let life win back its territory.