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Mariska Karto – Photo artist

Mariska Karto is a photo artist/ digital artist born in Suriname (South-America) – from origine Suriname (South America) , Indonesia (Asia) and Netherlands (Europe). She was raised and is based in the Netherlands.

Keywords for a large part of her works are:  dark baroque/renaissance, culture, future, history, contemporary themes and melancholia.

She creates from small personal works, zooming in people’s individuality, to large scaled hyperphoto collages.




Historical art, beauty of skin in today’s perspective in our colourfulworld.

*Figure Photographer / Artist
*Baroque,Pre-Raphaelite, Art-Nouveau inspired
*Historical art in today perspective



Originals – Gold

Colours II – Queens

Pink life

Colours – Queens

The Landscapes – Search for Paradise (Contemporary fantastical city-landscapes / Hyperphoto collage)

The Old and Dusty World

War – Contemporary Fresco’s / Hyper Photo Collage

Heaven – Contemporary Fresco’s / Hyper Photo Collage

Children and their old soul

Commission Cortese Venezia

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