- Two works now in the collection of new Waldorf Astoria in Amsterdam

- 2014 Gold Award (Emotions) for my work "Intense" in the Trierenberg Super Circuit / Austria


Fine art photographer for: CORTESE VENEZIA - The historical original perfumes of Venice


A breathtaking company in which history and art are combined together. You can find this commission in my album and link to the website of Cortese Venezia.


"From Cortese Venezia, the most wonderful collection of perfumes developed from the original secret recipes and formulas of Venice, lost for hundreds of years and now rediscovered."




..I really love the magic of the old and dusty world..

Mariska Karto (artist / artphotographer)

...Balancing on the border between reality and dream, ...between photography and the art of painting...


All my work is produced in limited edition and each work has an artistproof of two. 


All my work is protected - reproducing, manipulating, copy etc. is not allowed without my permission and is illegal.

My work is a mix of dreams and dark feelings. The things I create are not new, cause after all, true life can sometimes be a dream, true life can also sometimes, be a nightmare.

My guide is my intuition and also the world around me. My work has a magical atmosphere, but also has a realistic character.


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All works are signed and numbered.

Frame is not included in the price.  

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