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Mariska Karto – Fine Artphotographer/Digital artist

Mariska Karto is an artist/ fine art-photographer born in Suriname (South-America) – from origine Suriname (South America) and Indonesia (Asia). She was raised and is based in the Netherlands (Europe).

Originally she is a figurative sketcher and textile artist. She uses the body to express as well as her love for fabrics and textiles to create a sensitive or persasive atmossphere in her work.

Keywords for a large part of her works are:  dark renaissance, culture, future, history, contemporary themes and melancholia.

She creates from small personal works, zooming in people’s individuality, to large scaled fresco’s



Return to dust


Fresco’s and Muzes

Pink life


@ Public House of Art

Baroque Diversity

Soft..The old and dusty world

Just a man


Nunc Stans

Commission Cortese Venezia

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