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Mariska Karto – Fine Artphotographer/Digital artist

Mariska Karto is an artist/ fine art-photographer born in Suriname (South-America) – from origine Suriname (South America) and Indonesia (Asia). She was raised and is based in the Netherlands (Europe).

Originally she is a figurative sketcher and textile artist. She uses the body to express as well as her love for fabrics and textiles to create a sensitive or persasive atmossphere in her work.

Keywords for a large part of her works are:  dark renaissance, culture, future, history, contemporary themes and melancholia.

She creates from small personal works, zooming in people’s individuality, to large scaled fresco’s


Blessings and Curses

Fresco’s and Muzes / Hyper Photo Collage from 2013 till now



Symphonica Bohemia

Pink life

Baroque Diversity / from 2016 till now

Soft..The old and dusty world

Ambrosia Nunc Stans

Commission Cortese Venezia

@ Public House of Art

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