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Mariska Karto – Photo artist

Mariska Karto is a photo artist/ digital artist born in Suriname (South-America) – from origine Suriname (South America) , Indonesia (Asia) and Netherlands (Europe). She was raised and is based in the Netherlands.

Keywords for a large part of her works are:  dark baroque/renaissance, culture, future, history, contemporary themes and melancholia.

She creates from small personal works, zooming in people’s individuality, to large scaled hyperphoto collages.

Welcome in the world of whispers….

New City Landscape

Recently I have been working on a new City-Landscape II. The work is finally finished and so did the video.
In this video I show a small preview in a low resolution. I do not publish the full video. The video will be going around  festival in high resolution, which will be announced in summer.

How does a landscape of Rembrandt look like 300 years later? I have documented what Rembrandt showed with brush and paint, I did with modern mediums; photography and digital techniques. I photographed photo’s from various European cities and combined them in a hyper-collage, into one final image using digital techniques. In this image we recognize Rembrandt’s wordly landscape, influenced by contemporary times.
The work clearly shows progress over the years, but that has also left its mark. New questions arise. What consequences does this have in the future? And how will we deal with that?
In addition, we have turned this landscape into video art, and I brought this same landscape to life with my partner Dirk Bakkers. We have done this by using several 21st century techniques. Dirk has made the larger aspects and I did the detailed aspects in the video – This small preview is in a low resolution!


Contemporary classic city-landscapes / Hyperphoto collage

War – Contemporary Fresco’s / Hyper Photo Collage


What goes around comes back around

Heaven – Contemporary Fresco’s / Hyper Photo Collage

Children and their old soul

The Old and Dusty World

Commission Cortese Venezia

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