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The Hague/ Delft

The Hague/ Delft

Edition 10 + 2 AP

92 x 120 cm € 4.950,- inclusive frame / other sizes available

For more info, inquiries, questions you can contact me: mariska.photo@gmail.com


This is my First Citylandscape.
The work The Hague/Delft shows the evolution of Delft and the Hague. Delft, historic city of the royal family and The Hague, city of Dutch gouvernement of the Netherlands. In a way this is a work of Kingdom of the Netherlands.
The influence of the churches in its historical context and the central government role of the Hague , as the guardian of peace in society, which its function is to ensure that there are no issues and quarrels on its tower and home of many people, hard times for this tower in Covid19, at the moment. There is an absence of humans. As if we are looking at a mysterious image just after something has happened. How strangely realistic this vision has become!

(Photo’s Delft, The Hague, Dutch polders, Dutch landscape)