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Edition 10 + 2 AP

170 x 95 cm € 6.300,-  inclusive frame / other sizes available

For more info, inquiries, questions you can contact me: mariska.photo@gmail.com


  • Citylandscape Europe, a Rembrandt landscape at first sight. But at a closer look , the landscape had a timetravel of 300 years to the transformation of our complex society and its current issues.

How does a landscape of Rembrandt look like 300 years later? I have documented what Rembrandt showed with brush and paint, I did with modern mediums; photography and digital techniques. I photographed photo’s from cities and landscapes all over Europe and combined them in a hyper-collage, into one final image using digital techniques. In this image we recognize Rembrandt’s wordly landscape, influenced by contemporary times.
The work clearly shows progress over the years, but that has also left its mark. New questions arise…How will this affect our landscape…? I photographed the evergreen grass in yellow dry situation in a very dry time here in the Netherlands.

*I also created an animation film of this artwork using. a graphic video editing program and digital photo program.

(Photo's: Brussel, Italy several cities- Tuscaney landscapes, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Delft, Austria Linz, Greece, Spanish Hills, dutch polders, Rotterdam, Venice statues, The Hague, Ardennen woods)