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About and FAQ

What are your activities?
I am a photo oriented artist who uses photography and other creative means to express her art. I am inspired by figure art, nature, landscape, feminine shapes, fashion, sensuality, world colors and historical art such as: Baroque, Pre-Raphaelite and Art Nouveau
Where do you originally come from?
I was born in Suriname – South America, and I am originally Surinamese, Indonesian, African and a little Dutch. I grew up in the Netherlands.
Have you followed an art education?
No, I started photography in 2010. Before that I was mainly active in designing fashion with vintage and older textiles and fabrics, drawings and ceramics.
Tell me more about your book
The Book of Senses is a sensual book. It’s about beauty, sensual fantasy, color, emotions and enchanting skin.
There is something mysterious about skin, skin tells a story.
In my book I want to emphasize my work, share my thoughts and encourage you to develop artistically. In a few chapters I describe these experiences. In theory it is not about the “how”, but mainly about the “why”.
It takes time, but eventually you start to see the benefits when you know how my system works.
Do you teach?
In my art book I tell you from my own experiences about the development as an artist. I can teach you how to find your personal signature, with questions like:
“How do you get creative inspiration? How can you develop more in this and gain self-confidence? What to do with posing? Lighting effects and practical tips for photo shoots, practical tips for work processes in Photoshop and more. In my book I help you to push your passion in the right direction!
Can I use your photos? Can I print your work from the Internet?
I would appreciate it if you buy prints or products. You are not allowed to print or copy my work and sell it for cash. Please contact me so we can discuss licensing and printing.
That’s it for now, greetings
Mariska Karto