Biography & Awards - Mariska Karto
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Mariska Karto

“I pull away time from its structure and then time appears to be just a definition.”


Mariska Karto is a photo artist/ digital artist. Originally she is a figurative sketcher and textile artist. She uses the body to express as well as her love for fabrics and textiles to create a sensitive or persasive atmossphere in her work.

The works she produces is mostly related  to classical figurative art. Mariska has a spiritual connection with the classic art of Venice.

This influence is reflected in mystique, heavenly, dark  and dreamy creatures mixed with her own contemporary influences in her life.


Mariska Karto is balancing on the border between reality and dream, between light and dark, the works existed in this dimension have a lucid dreamlike and often surrealistic atmosphere.

Mariska is inspired by the dark clouds of life, melancholia, love, loss, anger, vulnerability and loneliness blended together with delicacy, serenity, uneasiness, symbolism and sensuality.

She creates from small personal works, zooming in people’s individuality, to large scaled fresco’s

In her dizzly hyper photo collages, she tells a story. Not a story of a single person, but a story of our world. Our old world and our new world, blended together.

Interview Mariska Karto – see the complete interview:

– Where do you get your inspiration? 

Everything that touches me, can inspire me. I try to stay close to myself.

– Which is the relationship and influence beetween your cultural backgorund (country, studies, etc.) and your artworks?

I do have a simple answer for this question. It’s who I am. Suriname, asian and dutch blood runs through my veins. My great-grandmother is from Friesland, an authentic and old province in the Netherlands. She was called  “the White Lady”, because her skin was very light and even her hair was almost white, she was the daughter of a plantation farmer. My great-grandmother fell in love with a free slave, my great-grandfather. They have experienced many problems because of their mixed and colonial relationship, but eventually their love for each other and their determination has celebrated victory of life. Together they had 11 children.
Recently I found out that much of my family-identity, my great-grandmother and the love of my great-grandparents has being brought back to life in my art. I realized, the white woman did not end up in my work just like that.

It just happens that I create modern-renaissance art, inspired by a time period in which just a few coloured people appear in works of art of that time. In the year 2018 I am someone just like so many others with a mixed background, most of them caused by historical events in the past. So ofcourse it is normal for me to create diversity in my work.

– What are you much focused in? 

I think it is important that there’s soul in my work, created with digital tools and techniques, in the end it is the creator/the human factor which ensures that there is soul and magic to experience. Computers can’t do this.
It is the soul that will coordinate the work and ensures that it is shaped.



– Several works in the collection of new Waldorf Astoria in Amsterdam

– Several works in the collection of new Hotel Vagabond Singapore (Luxury boutique artistic hotel)

– Several works in high class hotels and luxury private houses

-Artist / Fine art photographer for: CORTESE VENEZIA – The historical original perfumes of Venice

A breathtaking company in which history and art are combined together. You can find this commission in my album and link to the website of Cortese Venezia.

“From Cortese Venezia, the most wonderful collection of perfumes developed from the original secret recipes and formulas of Venice, lost for hundreds of years and now rediscovered.”


2016 – PX3 First place Prix De La Photographie De Paris/ Gold Award, in complete category Professionals Fine Art with my Contemporary Fresco’s. Px3 Special Exhibition in Paris on July 12-15

2016 – Nominated as Ambassador of Tolerance / Paleis van de Verdraagzaamheid – Netherlands

2016 – PX3 Silver Award Prix De La Photographie De Paris/ Black Pearl of the project Baroque Diversity

2016 – PX3 Prix De La Photographie De Paris/ Honorable Mention – The Happy Pil

2016 – International Photography Awards / Honorable Mention for the serie Baroque Diversity

2014 – Gold Award (Emotions) for work “Intense” in the Trierenberg Super Circuit

2013 – PX3 Prix De La Photographie De Paris /Fine art

Silver Award – Fresco The Fallen

Bronzen Award – Excession

2012- International Photography Awards

Four honourable mentions

Honorable mention Secrets

Honorable mention Magic

Honorable mention Tender

Honorable mention Sweet dreams or not

2012- PX3 Prix De La Photographie Paris / Two Honorable Mentions – photo Muzes and photo Soft

2012- Finalist: The third competition of the Julia Margaret Cameron Award, female photographers (Worldwidephotography Gala Awards)

2011 – International Loupe Awards:

Received Silver Award 2011 – Category Abstract/Illustrative

Received six Bronzen Awards 2011 – Category Abstract/Illustrative

Received two Bronzen Awards 2011 – Category People & Portrait


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