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Mariska Karto

 Mariska Karto is an artist based in The Netherlands.

I was born in Suriname – South America. Originally Surinamese, Indonesian, African and a little Dutch. I grew up in the Netherlands.


Mariska Karto is a photo artist. She also works as a multidisciplinary artist with various metals such as gold, goldleaf, silver, copper and mixed media.

Mariska creates portraits and artworks, inspired by influences in her environment in which she grew up and influences from the contemporary environment in which she lives in currently.

These are various themes, in which she works alternately like  imagination, culture, humor, history and also with female power and seductiveness, sometimes to make a statement.


Hyper photocollage: “Creating the extraordinary”

In my hyper photo collage works, time fades, creating a strange dimension. A dimension in which time no longer plays a role.

The old and new world blended together. I re-create the fresco and landscapes into a new contemporary form through photography and my digital skills.

I merge figures and stories into my carefully constructed hyper photo collages. Societies are visualized. I want to show you the dynamics of societies that ultimately have to find a form together in order to continue. Because only then societies can survive the test of time.

My Citylandscapes and botanicals shows realism and surrealism blended together in terms of, contemporary, history, time journeys, documentary and with a touch of humor and imagination.

My hyperfoto collage work has mostly an underlying thought, deeper layers or question.

Due to the many preparations and photos in the hyper collages, in which many model-appointments (for my fresco’s) had to be made in advance in the studio and also had to be taken outside the studio (For my city landscapes), the hyperphoto collages grow slowly but steadily. This requires careful planning and an intensive way of working.

Gold and metals

In the album “Translating Formula” Mariska Karto shows a new development that has already started carefully in 2019.The color gold and mystery has always played a major role in her work.With new techniques and material experiments she embarks on the path of precious metals, materials and moving digital images. Previous experiments are broadened and deepened.In this new album she portrays the complexity of formulas.

Where in her previous albums she only works with existing photo images in portraits and collages, in this new album she creates gold and metal visual design herself.


Mariska is a global artist and has exhibited internationally several times.

Mariska Karto started her career as photo artist in 2010 and in 2012 officially. In short time she has won various well known international awards (including the PX3 Prix De La Photographie De Paris, First place Gold Award, in complete category Professionals Fine Art) and is also nominated as Ambassador of tolerance in 2016.”



– Several works in the collection of new Waldorf Astoria in Amsterdam

– Several works in the collection of new Hotel Vagabond Singapore (Luxury boutique artistic hotel)

– Several works in high class hotels and luxury houses

-Commissioned by: CORTESE VENEZIA – The historical original perfumes of Venice

“The collection of perfumes developed from the original secret recipes and formulas of Venice, lost for hundreds of years and now rediscovered.”


Den Haag, The Netherlands – member Pulchri Studio, https://www.pulchri.nl/nl/

The Netherlands – https://www.galeriepersoon.nl

The Netherlands – https://www.anitanevegalerie.nl/

Paris –  https://www.charlet-photographies.com/index.php/fr/

London – https://leontiagallery.com/


-Exhibition New Members – Pulchri Studio / juli 2023

-Voorjaarssalon en Jacob Hartogprijs: Pulchri Studio/ april  2023

-Kleine formaat tentoonstelling – Pulchri Studio Den Haag / februari – mei 2023

-2022, toegelaten tot Pulchri,https://www.pulchri.nl/nl/

-From September – December 2022, Museum de Fundatie, Klimaatexpo 2022, Zwolle (The Netherlands – Fresco Climatechange Europe)

-From 25 August – 25 September Solo-exhibition 2021: Galerie Persoon and Oogenlust, the Netherlands

-From 30 November – January 2020 Solo-exhibition: Anita Neve Photo Gallery, the Netherlands

-From 25 May – 1 Septembre 2019, Museum de Fundatie, Zomerexpo 2019, Zwolle (The Netherlands – Citylandscape Europe)

-From 10 November 2018 – 10 January 2019, Anita Neve Galerie, Almere (the Netherlands)

-From 2 November 2018 my City-Landscape Den Haag/Delft at New Stadskantoor in Delft (the Netherlands)

-From 9-11 November 2018 in Paris, Imagenation Paris (France)

– Affordable Art Fair Battersea- Public House of Art (Autumn Edition: 2018) (UK)

-Hampstead London – Artfair UK 2018 (UK)

-Art Breda: Artfair The Netherlands 2018 (The Netherlands)

– KUNSTHUYS Best/ The Netherlands: December 2017-January 2018

(The Netherlands)

– Affordable Art Fair Battersea (Autumn Edition: October 2017) (UK)

– Art Pampelonne Saint Tropez: July 2017

– KunstRAI Amsterdam: June 2017

– Affordable Art Fair Hampstead (London): May 2017

– Art Breda: May 2017

-Context New York City: May 2017

-Abend Gallery, USA – Denver:  march/april 2017

-Public House of Art, New York City AAF: 29 March – 2 April 2017

-Public House of Art, Amsterdam March 2017

-AAF Battersea, London, March 2017

-Scope Art show – New York, March 2017

-AAF Brussel, February 2017

-Rotterdam Contemporary and Affordable Art Fair Milan, both between Feb 8th-12th 2017

-Arte Fiera @ Bologna in Italy -27/30-01-2017

-Abend Gallery, Denver USA, 2017

Gallery Beeldend Gesproken/ Face the Dutch – Amsterdam

Exhibition 2 – 5 september 2016

Paris – Px3 Prix De La Photographie De Paris, Special Exhibition in Paris July 12-15, 2016

My Contemporary Fresco’s are Fine art winners of complete category Fine Art 2016 – therefore they will be present on a Special Exhibition

Gallery Perry Kish – Heerlen

Exhibition Heerlen/ The Netherlands – Twee werken te zien vanaf 19 december 2015 tm januari 2016

19 december 2015 – 31 januari 2016

Smash Gallery – San Francisco

Fresco’s and Muzes

12 september 2015 – 10 oktober 2015

AFK Gallery – Lisbon

Group Exhibition

22 mei 2015 – 11 juli 2015

Leontia Gallery – London

Pop-up show

19 september 2014 – 7 oktober 2014

Grachten Gallery Utrecht

Duo Exhibition with Jake Baddeley

7 september 2014 – 21 oktober 2014


-FotoArtfestival Polen, solo-exhibition, 11th October till the 27th October 2019 in BIelsko-BIała. Poland

– Festival de Parfum in Grasse /Exposition “A fleur de peau” Grasse au pays des merveilles, 26th- 28th july 2019. France

-Group-exhibition in Arles, as part of the Voies Off Festival, at Galerie des Arenes, in the very heart of Arles under the care of imagination Paris. 15-20 july 2019 France

-From 19-25 September 2018, The largest festival of photography, in the Imperial City of Pingyao (China)

-Face the Dutch / Artwest – Amsterdam

Contemporary Photography of the Netherlands

2 September – 15 November 2016

Fotofever Paris

Paris presentation – Represented by Charlet Photographies. Fotofever Paris Carrousel Du Louvre.

13 november 2015 – 15 november 2015

International Photofestival Leiden

Two works to “Face the Dutch”at International Photofestival Leiden

10 oktober 2015 – 31 oktober 2015

Photoville Dutch Photography – New York

Photoville New York

11 september 2015 – 20 september 2015

Dutch Photography – New York

Alive! – Exhibition

18 september 2014 – 28 september 2014

Fotofever Paris

15 november 2013 – 17 november 2013

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